Un. Divided Identities: Lesser Known Stories of the Partition

Take a time travel through this choice-based graphic-novel experience that will take you to the time of India’s Partition in 1947. An attempt to make the youth aware of the hardships post-independence that had many known-unknown consequences for an Independent country.

About the Exhibition

ReReeti Foundation (Bangalore), in partnership with British Council and Glasgow Life Museums, created an immersive digital exhibition called ‘Un. Divided Identities: Lesser Known Stories of the Partition’. This project aimed to educate and engage young people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the UK about the difficult histories of the 1947 Partition.

The project was launched in two phases, allowing users to step into the lives of partition survivors using a choice-based graphic-novel experience. First, users select a character/story and make decisions about where they go, how they travel, and, ultimately, what happens to them. These decisions have consequences on how the stories unfold and what becomes of the protagonists.

The project’s second phase involved using the exhibition as an educational tool to engage schools, students, and teachers across South Asia and the UK through a series of curated workshops. In addition, the exhibition highlights stories of people who ended up in Pakistan, India, and the UK during the migration, making it a valuable educational resource for learning about the Partition.

Overall, the project led by ReReeti Foundation and the partnering organizations has helped to shed light on lesser-known stories of the Partition, allowing young people from different parts of the world to learn about and reflect on this significant historical event.

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