History Literature Festival

A platform for diverse fields and voices to converge to tell the stories of our origin.

The HLF Story and Vision

Welcome to the History Literature Festival (HLF), an inclusive platform that democratizes access to, comprehension of, and engagement with the entirety of history.
Our upcoming 2nd edition, themed “Building on the past, not bound by it,” promises a vibrant exploration taking place from
February 09 to 11, 2024, in Pune, the cultural heart of India.

HLF is not just a regular festival; it’s a celebration of India’s diverse history. Join us for a three-day exploration where we break conventional boundaries,
presenting Indian history in a new light. Be part of this evolving story that connects with our past echoes and future aspirations.

If you match our vibe, then join us at the HLF.

Advisory Board

Prof. Amar Farooqui

Acclaimed Historian, Former Professor of History, Delhi University

Prof. Tirthankar Roy

Acclaimed Historian, Professor of Economic History, London School of Economics


Amit Arora

Co-founder & Festival Director; HLF Former Journalist - Times of India

Prof. Vaibhavi Kulkarni

Professor of Communications, IIM Ahmedabad

Prof. Chinmay Tumbe

Historian, Author, Economist, IIM Ahmedabad

Prof. Rakesh Basant

Co-founder, HLF, Former Professor of Economics, IIM Ahmedabad

Disha Ahluwalia

Archaelogist, Researcher, Columnist

Prof. Tana Trivedi

Scholar, Historian, Professor, Ahmedabad University

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