Terracotta: Moulded in History

Prosperity brings fine heritage pottery & jewelry from seven different regions in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

About the Exhibition

From the Indus Valley civilization to modern times, clay wares tell the evolution of civilization and how human needs changed with the introduction of technology. The terracotta journey, which started with simple earthen pots, beads, and seals, evolved with time, shapes and forms became more complex, and each region invented its firing processes to get the desired shade of clayware, and some got religious significance.

Creatively collating the traditional regional pottery from seven different parts of India, Prosperity is exhibiting the craft of skilled artisans from Khavda (Kutch), Gundiyali (Kutch), Molela (Rajasthan), Pokhran (Rajasthan), Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan), Blue Pottery (Rajasthan), Azamgarh (UP).

About Prosperity

Prosperity is a craft enterprise working with traditional artisans. It aspires to bridge the gap between conventional artisans & craft lovers, to cover the distance between remote villages of India and international craft destinations, to cross the divide between aesthetic products and pocket-friendliness, and to find a balance between a rich design heritage and modern-day needs.

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